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Mat Pilates

Our Mat Pilates classes focusses on strengthening your body’s “powerhouse,” a term referring to your abdominals, low back, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. This energetic, 60-minute fat-burning workout is choreographed to upbeat music while focussing on flexibility and improving posture. Come prepared to learn and have fun!

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Our Barre classes offer a total-body conditioning circuit incorporating a ballet barre with a mix of Pilates, Yoga, dance and functional training choreographed to motivating music. Every barre class focusses on a series of micro-movements that fatigue the the muscles that’ll make you sweat and “burn” - also known as change in your muscles!


About Yuri

Her passion for helping others led her to become a Pilates instructor in 2012. Yuri loves to empower everyone to feel their very best. Her goal is to change lives, minds and bodies through fitness, movement, music and a positive mindset. She is married with two beautiful daughters and a spoiled Rottweiler named Maximus.


Current Class Schedule

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Since I started taking Pilates classes with Yuri 5 years ago, my core strength and stamina has increased substantially. I believe Yuri’s classes has helped me be stronger, healthier and physically fit on many levels.
— Phyllis L.
In the past year, I lost 10 pounds, turned 50 and feel fitter than I did in my 30’s! Thanks Yuri for making this possible.
— Louise B.
Since I started working out with Yuri over the past 2 years, I have seen amazing improvements in my physical condition especially my core strength, balance and flexibility.
— Cindy E.

About Core Movement

At Core Movement, everything we do we believe in challenging your core muscles exclusive small group classes are designed to transform your mind and body through awareness and control of your breath while strengthening the core; building long, lean muscles; and empowering you to feel your very best. Our fun, high-energy, upbeat workouts are designed for all skill levels with suitable options for beginners and experts while offering personalized attention to form. Come to class prepared with a positive mindset and be ready to sweat! Each month features a new Pilates and Barre routine using Joseph Stotts’s and Lotte Berk’s principles respectively with a modern twist that is practiced weekly to build efficiency. You’ll leave feeling challenged but successful!