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What is a Core workout? Why Core Movement is Essential to Your Overall Health

“Core: the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything." -

core movement

We hear the word “core” all the time within the fitness industry; however, many times it’s often misunderstood to be the “6-pack." Well, yes, your core is indeed your midsection but it involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. The traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spina, obliques and your lower lats work as stabilizers for the entire body. I like to call these stabilizers the “nuts & bolts” of our powerhouse. They protect our central nervous system and help keep our larger muscles working at optimum efficiency while we run, walk, or bend over to pick something up.

But, did you know all joints love to have stability? But when there isn’t enough then another joint will compensate for it. Overtime, these compensations can stress a disk, which can push on a nerve, and cause back pain.

core movement

When I was five years old I loss 50% of my left-side hearing. It wasn’t until twenty years later that I learned how detrimental my lack of core strength, compensations, and incorrect movement patterns attributed to my sciatica at age 12 and SacroIliac Joint (SIJ) Dysfunction as an adult. I realize now how much I shifted my hips to stand, internally rotated my upper torso to hear someone speak, and strained my neck to listen if they were positioned on my “bad side” (picture Text Neck). My alignment was a crooked mess! And, just when I corrected my imbalances, gained a strong core - I got pregnant, twice. But let’s save Pre- and Post-natal stories for another blog :) It’s from my personal success of overcoming back pain and improving my core that I share my love for core strengthening programs with others.

Just like we lay a foundation to build a house, it’s imperative we create a strong and a stable base within our body to control movements, transfer energy, and prevent injury. Focusing on core exercises leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. Challenge yourself to assess your left and right side of the body, seek out the imbalances and understand the root cause. You’ll have a much better appreciation and love for your inner core strength.

Live well and be well!

Love Always, Yuri




Core Movement is an online and in-person Pilates and Barre Studio helping busy women get physically, mentally & emotionally strong.


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